Social Commerce and Shoppable Posts

Social Commerce And Shoppable Posts

What is social commerce and how can I create shoppable posts?

Social commerce is the practice of selling products or services directly through social media platforms like Instagram. Social commerce is a digital trend that has gained significant momentum over the last few years. The rise of eCommerce and uptake of social media throughout COVID-19 has resulted in a dramatic surge in brands selling directly to consumers through social media platforms, never having to leave the app.

Whilst eCommerce is an umbrella term that refers to the sale of products and services online, social commerce occurs exclusively through social media platforms. It minimises the likelihood that people will abandon their purchase halfway through, as they can complete their purchase without ever having to leave the platform.

Shoppable Posts

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest each have their own social commerce tools brands can utilise. With Facebook Shops you can set up a free store within your business profile and sync it with your eCommerce inventory. Your products will be shown to users browsing the Facebook Shop tab on the mobile app and shows relevant products to users based on their preferences.

Instagram Shopping is easy to set up and links to your Facebook Shop. Once linked, you can upload your existing product catalogue or create a new one specifically for the platform. This gives you the ability to tag your products in your Instagram posts using Instagram Product Tags. Instagram’s visual nature provides brands more creative freedom to promote and sell their products online. It also provides increased exposure by showing your products to users browsing the Instagram Shop tab.

Pinterest uses Product Pins to direct users a product specific landing page where they can make a purchase. As the platform is commonly used for inspirational purposes, users are often in a buying mindset when browsing. By uploading images of your products and adding product pins, you can provide users with valuable information including price and availability, allowing users to make a direct purchase.

Social commerce is changing the way that people shop. Promoting and selling your products on social media platforms allows you to reach more people and reduce the usual friction and barriers that cause people to abandon their cart when purchasing through a website. Consider integrating social commerce into your own marketing strategy.

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