SERP Position Zero

SERP Position Zero

What is position zero and how can you get this coveted position?

Position zero refers to a position in Google’s search results that sits above the first organic result and sits below the paid search results. Also known as a featured snippet, position zero is the most coveted position in a search engine’s results as it informs users that the information is an exact match to the search query they entered or correctly answers their question. It is designed to make users’ search experience faster. The information shown is deemed most relevant to the search query that’s been entered. Users don’t need to scroll further into the results to find the information or answer they are looking for or click on a result to navigate to their website.

The featured snippets that sit in position zero can come in the form of paragraphs, lists, tables and videos. As such, there are a variety of strategies that can help your website achieve the coveted position. We’ve outlined these below:


Keyword research

Keyword research is essential to achieve position zero in Google’s search results. Forbes recommends using high volume, high competition keywords that don’t currently have a zero position result. You must ensure you are using keywords that your target audience uses. To ensure you are reaching the right audience and providing them with the most relevant information.


Include media, images, lists, and tables

Images, lists and tables are more digestible for users than large paragraphs of text. By ensuring your content is concise and easy to understand, search engines will favour your content as users can quickly scan it to find what they are looking for.

Keeping these tips in mind and putting them into practice will give you the best chance of achieving the position zero ranking on Google.

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