The Benefits of Interactive Content Marketing

Interactive Marketing Graphic

What is interactive content marketing and what are its benefits?

In a time where video content is dominating the social media space and marketing messages are coming at you from all angles, it is now more important than ever to produce engaging content that provides genuine value for your target audience and gives you a competitive edge. 

Fret not, for interactive content marketing is just the way to achieve this!

Interactive content includes everything from polls, quizzes, embedded calculators, augmented ads, to 3D videos. It is a form of content where the user is able to engage and participate in some way. According to CoSchedule, 90 percent of consumers indicate they want more visual and interactive content.

But why is interactive content marketing so powerful? An interactive content marketing strategy can serve as a strong lead magnet for your business and is beneficial for the following key reasons:



It increases the length of time a user stays on your page.

By increasing the length of time a user remains on your page, the longer they are interacting with your brand. This increases brand awareness and immediately creates a positive mental association.


It provides a unique experience.

The more positive the experience a customer has with your brand, the more likely they are to return. Creating a unique and memorable user experience will increase your page views and will improve your search engine ranking.


It helps gain cut-through and breaks through the noise.

With thousands of marketing messages bombarding us each day it is essential to stand out from the crowd. Interactive content allows you to do just that.


It brings people into the sales funnel.

As with all marketing efforts, your goal is to bring people into the sales funnel. You can bring people into any stage of the funnel using interactive content. For top of funnel, try games and videos. For the middle of the funnel try white papers, surveys or polls. And for the bottom of the funnel try AR or interactive product recommendations.


It captures data.

By getting users to engage you are capturing valuable information about the demographic, motivations and values of the users who are interacting with your brand. This will allow you to optimise future campaigns for your audience.


It increases engagement and drives conversions.

Increased engagement leads to increased conversions. As we mentioned earlier, interactive content can serve as a lead magnet for your business. Collecting your audience’s email addresses as part of this strategy increases the likelihood you will be able to nurture the lead into a paying customer.

So next time you catch yourself wondering how to increase brand awareness and generate more leads, consider integrating interactive content into your marketing strategy.

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