5 Ways to Grow your Customer Database

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A customer database is an important tool that allows you to remarket to your customers and send them targeted messaging tailored to individual segments. This is just one of the many benefits of creating one for your business. We’re sharing our top five tips to grow your customer database that’ll help build your business and increase your revenue.

Hold an online contest

Hosting a free online competition is an effective marketing strategy that will enable you to collect customer details and add them to your database. By asking customers to fill out their contact information when entering the giveaway, you can collect their details whilst delivering value.

Reward loyalty

Rewarding customers that repeatedly purchase from you is also effective. Providing them with discounts and access to promotions is a great incentive that will encourage leads and existing customers to leave their contact information in order to receive these great offers too.

Make use of web forms

Web forms allow both leads and customers to contact your business, whilst enabling you to collect their details. This may be in the form of a ‘Contact Us’ page for queries, or text fields to sign up to a mailing list. The data entered should feed directly into your database and should always be simple for the user to navigate.

Take advantage of QR codes

Simplify the process by utilising QR codes. Set up a QR code linking directly to a landing page where leads and existing customers can leave their contact details. Ensure your QR codes are prominent on marketing collateral such as flyers, posters and POS cards, so they are easily accessible to your target market.

Employ a paid social media strategy

Finally, executing a paid social media strategy such as a Facebook Lead Generation campaign will allow you to gather leads by promoting your business to your target market. Paid social media strategies of this kind require users to enter their contact details for more information or to receive a unique offer. This will allow you to grow your database and ensure your business is prominent on social platforms where your target audience is active.

By considering these five tips, you will be well on your way to creating your own database. Get in touch with one of our Digital Specialists for a more tailored approach to grow your customer database!

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